Eva Cristina created CrazySexyVibe as a brand and platform that carries the mission to empower each other to own and love the way we feel, think, and behave. She believes that when we each commit to bringing out the best version of ourselves in our daily lives, we succeed in making this world a better place to live in. Knowing how to bring our best version to the surface, and committing to sustaining this in our daily lives, is the challenge we each face day in and day out. Cristina is passionate about inspiring and empowering others with life coaching tools, scientific research, and resources to improve the quality of our lives.

For her the best version of ourselves means we work on respecting ourselves as we respect others, we work each day to live out the uniqueness that we each carry within and cannot be replicated, it means we learn to use our minds, our emotions and hearts in a way that serve the highest good to ourselves and the whole.


Because being unique and daring to live out your un-replicable self is usually called crazy.


Because when you are vibrant from the inside out, confident with who you are, comfortable in your own skin that is usually called sexy.


Because our hearts and our brains are emitting energetic vibrational frequencies and when you are living out your unique, un-replicable self, feeling comfortable in our own skin, you've got a CrazySexyVibe going.