How to Create a State of Being by Self Generating an Emotion.

Not being aware that we have the capability to control our emotional responses puts us in a disadvantage over what goes on around us.

Once we recognize that we are the only ones that have the power to control our thoughts and therefore have the choice to give a meaning to any situation we encounter we enable ourselves to have complete dominion over our lives.  Free will gives us the power to choose our thoughts.  As human beings we are constantly experiencing pleasant an unpleasant emotions, all within a very wide range of intensity. We store each emotion in our bodies memory capability and are available to be recalled at will. When we focus our attention in the area around our hearts and through the command of our thoughts we are  able to self generate emotions. By using  memory, visualization or creating in the present moment we are able to bring ourselves into a variety of chosen states of being. Imprint in your entire body the emotions you most like and then recall them through your thoughts and generate for yourself the state of being that you prefer.

Even though we may experience unpleasant emotions due to a natural response to a circumstance, we have the choice as to what to do to with that emotion to shift it around to a state of being that we do prefer.

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