Eva Cristina Calderon was born in Mexico City in 1978. By the time she was 12 she had lived in five cities within two continents and had attended eight elementary schools consisting of two different languages. She learned early on to be in tune with herself knowing  that it was only up to her to choose the way she perceived things in order to make the best of her situation despite the circumstances.  Experiencing such contrast with people, places and cultures sparked in her a genuine interest in human potential and her curiosity since has only grown stronger.

Her attitude of constant improvement and commitment to living life to the fullest has filled her journey with many adventurous experiences. She moved to the United States during her twenties seizing the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a high tech company, allowing her to learn about the American ways.  Three years later she decided to move across the continent which brought her the realization of her dream to learn the French Language. In 2005, after her summer spent in the French Riviera, she was then serendipitously cast for one of the biggest Reality Shows in Mexico called "Big Brother" where she experienced fame overnight. The production company custom created a sub reality show just for her where she became Mexico's bachelorette. After both shows where over she accepted an invitation to be a part of  one of the most sought after acting schools in Mexico - the well known Center for Artistic Education (CEA ) inside the Televisa Studios in Mexico City.  Longing for a lifestyle with fresh air and more ease she decided to go back to the United States where she met the father of her children. She thereafter got married and gave birth to her two daughters. One of her most challenging decisions, as well as the one that has brought extreme growth ,was her decision to change the logistics of the relationship with the father of her children to one where they would no longer be husband and wife but rather a team who live in separate homes and co-parent their gorgeous daughters together.

Along her journey during her twenties she took pleasure in participating in numerous local and national beauty contests in Mexico, and in the year 2000 came close to becoming Miss Baja California.

Simultaneously to her participation in beauty contests, she also enjoyed engaging in academic life and leadership. She was the first female to be elected as President of the Political and Social Science School at the University of Baja California. Here she lead the organization of several notable events such as the first college trip to Cuba during an International Communist Festival in 1997, and received two of the presidential candidates, Vicente Fox and Porfirio Munoz Ledo for conferences at the University in 1999. To finalize her studies in International Relations, she wrote her college thesis which was based on a study she had realized while living in the United States about a group of Mexican Immigrants and their social and economic integration.

 Later on in life during her her thirties while she was a Real Estate Agent living in Oregon, she was inspired to create a Network of Hispanic Professionals. This is now an established state wide non-profit organization dedicated to sharing resources and ideas for self-improvement and entrepreneurship and is known as "HispanicPros".

 One of the most precious times in her life was to be a stay home mother during the first years after the birth of both of her daughters.  She made the conscious choice to fully immerse herself in motherhood and with gratitude acknowledges that not every woman has that privilege.

She spent a few years working at the Portland Univision Spanish television station as the production coordinator, and was the host of an entertainment segment presenting the talents of local and international experts.

She now leads an active lifestyle where she enjoys time spent  outdoors and is certainly not shy of trying new extreme sports or racing cars.  She ran her first marathon in 2010, months after her first daughter's birth, and continues to enjoy running half marathons, relays and obstacle races.  Considering she summited the third tallest mountain in Oregon, the South Sisters Mountain is sure to be the first of many more climbs to come, especially living in a state surrounded by a thriving outdoor playground.

Being a mother continues to be her priority today, but her passion for living life to the fullest is stronger than ever as she continues to follow her blissful pursuit of becoming the best version of herself every day.

            She created CrazySexyVibe to share what she has learned along her path so far and as a platform to passionately share and co-create with others, findings and research on self-improvement material.